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What to Expect

Third Lutheran uses a liturgy based on ancient patterns and rituals. While it is liturgical it is also somewhat laid back.

Our liturgies are also contemplative. In the midst of busy lives and near-constant connection to cell phones and computers, we treasure some time away to gather in sacred space for silence and reflection.

Our worship is user-friendly. Guests and members compare our service to a Roman Catholic mass. At the same time, we have many members who come to us from non-liturical background and they feel home here as well. Whatever your background, our bulletin is created so you can participate at whatever level you are comfortable.

Sermons are relevant to contemporary issues and struggles. Though they engage our minds, a dose of humor or a down-to-earth example helps make ancient texts fresh for today.

Our services use organ and piano. Most often we sing traditional hymns–supplemented with other styles particularly when they reflect the scriptures and themes for a given Sunday.

Each Sunday services are at 10:30 am. Midweek evening services are offered on Thursdays at 7:15 during Advent and Lent.

We’re formal and informal. Most folks dress casually yet our liturgy involves robes and processions. There is a sense of tradition, yet blended with warmth, relevance and openness.

Holy Communion is celebrated every Sunday. Folks approach the communion rail after taking an empty communion cup to receive the wine. Others prefer to take a cup with grape juice in it. Gluten-free wafers are available per advance request. Those who cannot partake of either element for health reasons may commune in one form. All are welcome at the Lord’s Table without exception, including children. A blessing is provided for infants/toddlers not yet communing or for adults who prefer that option.